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PC2Paper provides two letter sending API's and one Letter Pricing API (please see below)

PC2Papers API Letter Sending Interfaces

PC2Paper has two letter sending API interfaces available. One interface is a simple back end form post interface that only accepts text input (our most popular) and the other is a back end XML RPC interface that only accepts PDF and MS Word documents.

Form Post Interface

The Form Post Interface (FPI) is our most popular because of how simple it is to setup. If you have ever created a backend form interface to integrate with services such as PayPal and World Pay then you already have most of the skills you need to use the FPI. Simply speaking the FPI accepts a form post from either a normal webpage or a back end server to authenticate you, you provide your PC2Paper username and password to it and that is how the site knows who to bill the cost of the letter to. To use the interface and to find out more download the PC2PaperFPI pack.


XML RPC Interface

The PC2Paper XML RPC Interface is a bit more advanced than the form post interface and enables the sending of PDF and Word documents from server to server or desktop application to PC2Paper. Inside the PC2PaperXMLRPC pack we provide you with the sample XML the interface is expecting and a compiled (optional) VB 6 DLL called PC2PaperRemote.DLL which you can call instead of trying to create the XML the interface is expecting yourself. You should be able to use PC2PaperRemote.DLL from most COM aware languages such as VB, ASP, Delphi, .NET etc.

To use the PC2PaperRemote.DLL you will need to install MSXML if it is not already installed on the machine you intend to use it from. However if you prefer to generate the XML yourself and Base64 encode the file you wish to send into the XML, the format of the XML file can be found in the file XMLFormat.txt which can be found in the PC2PaperXMLRPC.

Letter Pricing API

PC2Paper provide an XML based interface that enables you to workout the price of your letter before sending it. This is useful for websites that resell our service and would like to know how much to bill the customers before actually sending the letter. To get started you can download the documentation for our interface here. You can also download the country code file, a csv you will need to lookup country codes.

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