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How do I send Recorded Signed For mail from PC2Paper?
After writing your letter in the normal way you can select the Recorded Delivery option from the extras drop down menu.

How is my Recorded Signed For letter processed after I have sent it?
Your letter will then be printed and posted in the usual way and then passed to Royal Mail for delivery. PC2Paper then receive a tracking number.

When do I receive my tracking number?
Within 24 hours you should then receive an email from PC2Paper with your Royal Mail tracking number.

How do I track the progress of my Recorded Signed For letter
You can use your tracking number at www.royalmail.com to check when your letter has been delivered and to see a copy of any signature that has been obtained on delivery.

What happens if my letter cannot be delivered?
If Royal Mail are unable to deliver your Recorded Signed For item and it remains unclaimed from the local delivery office it will be returned to the return address within 7 days with a reason why it could not be delivered. For this to happen the return address needs to a valid UK based address. Where no return address has been specified the letter is destroyed by Royal Mail.

What happens if my return address is not in the UK?
If you want to send a Recorded Signed For item and add a return address that is outside of the UK then it is not possible for Royal Mail to return the item outside of the UK. In this case the letter is destroyed. If you are outside the UK and want to use this option we recommend signing up for a PC2Paper mailbox which gives you a UK based address and using this as your return address. The letter will then be returned to us and we will notify you by email.

What happens if my letter is lost?
Royal Mail does not consider mail to be lost until 15 working days after it has been posted. If after this time your Recorded Signed For item has not been delivered you should contact PC2Paper giving the letter ID. We will then raise a claim for the lost item and providing that the letter was addressed correctly and the claim is successful we will then reimburse you for the cost of the lost letter.

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