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# Friday, April 30, 2010

Due to Monday the 3rd of May being a Bank Holiday in the UK there are no business collections or Royal Mail deliveries on this day. Any letters received through the PC2Paper website after our 4pm cut off time on Friday the 30th of April will be sent on the next available working day Tuesday the 4th of May. All mail received after our cut off time on the Friday will remain queued in our system until the 4th of May. This includes any Special Delivery and Recorded Delivery items.

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# Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Customers should be aware that mail to the Liverpool area may be subject to delays. This is due to unofficial strike action. Around 100 staff at Liverpool's main delivery centre have walked out in a dispute over the withdrawal of redundancy offers and working conditions. Mail to the Liverpool 1 and Liverpool 3 postcode districts are likely to be subject to delays during this time.

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# Friday, April 16, 2010


Royal Mail has recently launched some new stamps which feature  ten of our endangered indigenous mammals. The stamps which were launched on the 13th of April feature the humpback whale, wildcat, brown long eared bat, polecat, sperm whale, water vole, greater horseshoe bat, otter, dormouse and hedgehog. The stamps are being backed by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust which has seen some success with its conservation programs providing better protection for otters in their local area.

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# Thursday, April 15, 2010

Passengers flying with Ryanair over the summer holidays will find they are paying a little more for their bags as the airline raises its fees. They will now be charged £20 for every bag they check in, an increase of £5. The fee will apply to all booking made for travel during July and August and the fee will reduce to £15 again from September. In addition to this the airline has recently announced that it will charge customers to use the toilet. All onboard toilets will now become operated and passengers will need to pay £1 or one Euro for the privilege of using them. The airline is also cutting the number of toilets available on its flights meaning there will now only be one toilet per plane of 189 passengers.

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# Friday, April 9, 2010

As of the 6th of April PC2Paper has increased it's postage prices to take into account the increase in Royal Mail Prices. A 1 page letter sent via our services with standard printing option will now cost 65p sent via 1st class mail and 56p sent via 2nd class mail. Prices for overseas mail sent from the UK have also gone up to take into account the Royal Mail price increases.

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# Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friday the 2nd of April and Monday the 5th of April are public holidays within the UK. There are no postal deliveries or collection on these days. All letters sent after 4pm on Thursday the 1st of April will be processed and posted on the next available working day which is Tuesday the 6th of April. Any letters sent during this time will remain in your "waiting to be sent" queue until Tuesday the 6th of April. In addition to this customers should be aware that any letters sent using the Special Next Day Delivery service after close of business (5pm UK time) on Wednesday the 31st of March will arrive on the next working day which is Tuesday the 6th of April.

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