# Friday, May 25, 2012

We've just added a new section to the iPhone/iPad version of our site which enables you to send PDF's as letters from these devices (due to popular demand).
In order to make use of this functionality you will need to have the iCabMobile browser installed (available from the app store).
We are keen to hear any feedback you may have about this new functionality. We have also attempted as best we can to test and ensure the functionality works, however as it is a beta there may be a few teething issues which we would be grateful for feedback on.

Quick Tips
If you have a PDF attachment you have received as an email you wish to send from the iPad. Hold your finger down on the attachment and select "Open In" you should be able to select the iCabMobile browser. Now that the attachment is in iCabMobile you can now send it via PC2Paper by logging into the iPhone/iPad version of the site from iCabMobile and following the onscreen instructions.