# Sunday, September 16, 2007

blogoftheweek_thumbThis week's travel blog is The New Hampshire Bushman in Taiwan. Every so often we come across something really special and this blog is one of those rare gems. It is written by M J Klein and details his adventures in Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Laos, China and Borneo.

This blog is full of interesting articles; one of the more striking photographs is of two Thai men that dressed up as ladyboys or Kratoey. Another really interesting article looks at the Hukou Monday Night Market and details what you can find there. It appears there is something for everyone, from games and rides for the children to clothing stalls and fabrics. There is even a stall that sells illegal DVDs but because they are illegal it is untended and relies on customers to put money in a pink receptacle. M J Klein, quite rightly points out the irony of using an "honour system" to sell illegally copied DVD's.

dvd stall

M J Klein also posts a lot of entries about cooking outside and in particular on grills. One in particular shows Shao-hui's Thai marinade and the various stages of cooking what looks like wonderful food. This picture showing a pair of freshly killed pigeons looks just wonderful.