# Monday, May 4, 2009

The PC2Paper API documentation has been updated to version 3. The API now enables you to associate costs from our Letter Pricing API with letters. There is also a .NET C# example of how to use the XML RPC interface for sending PDF documents.

To find out more click here..

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# Friday, May 1, 2009

Monday the 4th of May is a Bank Holiday in the UK meaning there are no collection or deliveries on this day. Any mail received after close of business (5pm) on Friday the 1st of May will be processed on the next available working day Tuesday the 5th of May.

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This is interesting, its an new airline due to launch in the US which will cater exclusively for pets. The airline named Pet Airways claims to be the first designed specifically for the transportation of pets. All the animals will travel in the main cabin and owners are not allowed on board. The airline aims to make air travel much less stressful for pets and offers an alternative to conventional airlines where pets are treated as baggage and have to travel in the cargo area. The seats inside the plane have been removed to make way for pet carriers. Pets or pawsengers as they have been dubbed can be booked in online and then checked in at the Pet lounge at the airport. Pet attendants give the animals a toilet break before take off and monitor them throughout the flight promising that they will never be left alone. The airline has scheduled its first flight for cats and dogs for 14 July and will serve five US cities - New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.

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# Thursday, April 30, 2009

article-0-049EDFC4000005DC-436_634x395 This is probably one of the most unusual hotel rooms I have come across. It is made to look like a crashed airliner and is situated in the jungle in Costa Rica (pictured left). Whilst it looks like a plane in fact the inside is every bit as nice as a luxury hotel room and it is being marketed as the most exclusive hotel suite in Costa Rica.

article-0-049EE1E6000005DC-939_634x420The two bedroom suite is inside the fuselage of a 1965 Boeing 727. It includes two  wood panelled bedrooms (pictured right), a kitchenette, dining room (pictured below), living area and two bathrooms. It also has the advantage of offering spectacular views of the jungle from the balcony on the planes right wing. Apparently it is the perfect height to observe wildlife such as sloths, toucans and monkeys.


It certainly an interesting idea. If you fancy staying there it costs between £200 and £250 per night.

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# Wednesday, April 29, 2009

According to this article Ryanair are considering charging a fat tax for overweight passengers. The idea comes as a result of a competition on the companies website that gave customers the chance to win free flights by coming up with ideas to save the company money. Around 100,000 passengers took part in the competition and around 30,000 of those voted for a fee for overweight passengers. As a result Ryanair is now seriously considering implemented the idea. Other ideas included a charge for toilet paper with Mr O'Leary's face on it and the option to pay to use a smoking cubicle. It is not clear whether either of these ideas will be implemented.

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# Monday, April 27, 2009

The cost of sending a text message when on holiday could fall after the EU has agreed to a cap on charges. An EU ruling will see the cost of making a call abroad fall by up to 60% and the price of sending texts will come down from an average of 25p to just under 10p. Mobile companies will be forced to cut their prices from the 1st of July in time for the summer holidays. There will also be new controls on charges to surf the internet and download videos from your phone.

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# Friday, April 24, 2009

Rail fares are to rise by up to 11% next month with those customers who book in advance paying the highest increases. National Express East Coast is putting up its prices for the second time in five months. In January it raised unregulated fares by 7.4% and the further increase will mean an extra 11% on some advance purchase tickets. The First Great Western, East Midlands Train, First Capital Connect and CrossCountry companies are also increasing some fares. All of the rises are on unregulated fares which does not include season tickets. The prices of these must be decided linked to the retail price index. It is likely that train companies will not be allowed to increase these regulated fares next year so instead it appears they are increasing the costs of their unregulated fares. The move means that some fares will have jumped 16% in just five months.

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# Saturday, April 18, 2009

This article suggests that United Airlines may bump obese passengers on overbooked flights. The airline received more than 700 complaints last year regarding overweight passengers. At a time when two thirds of Americans are considered overweight the airline may target customers that are too big to fit into their seats. Under the new rules a passenger who is too large for their seat will be moved to two empty seats at no extra charge. However, if no seats are available as is often the case on overbooked flights the passenger will have to pay to upgrade to a larger business class seat or will be bumped off the flight and will have to pay for two seats on the next available departure. The airline has adopted the policy because it has received so many complaints from passengers who felt cramped by oversized seat mates.

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# Friday, April 17, 2009

article-1168292-04565DAE000005DC-767_468x331 According to this article the local postman could soon be delivering the mail in a new egg shaped buggy. The vehicle which has a top speed of just 25mph is being trialled in two areas in Oxford and Essex. If the trial proves successful the vehicles could replace the current fleet of diesel Vauxhall vans. The electric vehicles whilst slower than the diesel alternative are more environmentally friendly and could potentially be used on town deliveries although the lack of speed is likely to mean they are unsuitable for rural routes. I find the idea interesting but I do wonder how it would work in practice when postman are under pressure to complete their rounds in a set amount of time, surely a slower means of transport will mean that all of these time limits will need to be revised.

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